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The leagues and monthly results are available to view here.

League Fixtures

League Fixture dates can be seen Here.

Farmers Fixtures

Farmers Fixture dates can be seen Here.


Memberships are available, details Here.

Leagues 2017/2018

The 2017 season is 12 months long and runs from April 2017 - March 2018.

There are 4 Leagues in the club.
Click the links below for the monthly report and results:

Please follow the links below, or in the tabbed menu above, to see the standings in the individual leagues:

If you don't see yourself listed, check the classifications page to see which league you are in, or contact the committee.

There are also unclassified members. These are members who have not yet shot at 3 events. Once a new member has submitted cards from 3 separate league shoots, their classification will be calculated and then will then be added into the appropriate league. The scores for unclassified members can be viewed here.

You can also click here to see the new classifications for the 2017 season.