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November 2014 result

Highest score of the day was 45 and was shot by C. Cecconello
The average for this shoot was 28.892.

AA class winner C. Cecconello 45
2nd V.Hill 44
3rd C.Corfield 42
A class Winner T.Costin 41
2nd W.Daly 37
3rd R.Sorrell 35
B Class Winner A.Beech / P.Clack 33
2nd R.Wilkinson / P.Ravenhill 31
3rd G.Moisley / S.Goddard / M.Bennett A. / P.Johnson 30
C Class Winner T.Killick 31
2nd A.Clarke 28
3rd A.Deacon-Jackson / R.Ross / A.Tarrant / D.Mullins 26