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The leagues and monthly results are available to view here.

League Fixtures

League Fixture dates can be seen Here.

Farmers Fixtures

Farmers Fixture dates can be seen Here.


Memberships are available, details Here.

League tables

League points are calculated on the number of clays hit, in relation to the average for the entire shoot. For full details on how the scores are calculated, please click here.

The top 6 scores for each person form their total and will be displayed in the table in Red. Scores that are ignored are displayed in black. The first 6 results received for each person will initially therefore all be red and scores will only be dropped after the 7th result has been received. As further results are received, the table will automatically update and show which score is being included or excluded in the total.

We keep all the score cards for a month after the shoot, so if you notice any errors, believe any of the scores to be incorrect, or just have some questions, then please feel free to contact the committee with the details. Also, if your score is missing, please let us know.

Hover over the score to see the number of actual clays hit, or hover over the month (column header) to see the average for that month.

U League table

NameApr12May12Jun12Jul12Aug12Sep12Oct12Nov12Dec12Jan13Feb13Mar13 Total