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September result

Highest score of the day was 43 and was shot by R. Loy.

AA class winner R. Loy 43
2nd S. Pain 42
3rd G. Holliman / M. Garrad 41
A class Winner D. Cardy 38
2nd B. Scotton 37
3rd D. Lyon / G. Newbury / M. Johnson 36
B Class Winner I. Hammond 38
2nd R. Sorrell / P. Welfare 37
3rd R. Burchell / A. Loveall 35
C Class Winner G. Harney 35
2nd J. Mullins / B. Newman / G. Chapman 33
3rd A. Saunders 31

September shoot report

Another easy shoot was intended but some subtle changes in the trap positions produced a strangely challanging shoot.
Many of the stands appeared straightforward, but actually lots of targets were missed. There were a lot fewer straighted stands throughout the day and quite a high number of zero scores on stand 4!
Statistically the average for this shoot was 31.762.

Stand 1 - Normal location in the trees, 4 pairs: Curling bird going away over the trees with high edge on teal on rapport.
         Fairly straightforward although target over the trees was curling so caught a few out.
         This was the second easiest stand of the day but only 5 people straighted it.

Stand 2 - Lake, 3 pairs: 2 birds going away over the lake. Two standards on rapport.
         Both targets appeared similar but required completely different lead, so many were missed.
         Only 3 people people straighted this stand.

Stand 3 - Car Park, 3 pairs: Rabbit with standard from the overhead tower on rapport.
         Rabbit was quick so easy to miss and the standard was a little hard to see against the tree line.
         Only 2 people people straighted this stand.

Stand 4 - Dingley Dell, 3 pairs: L-R crossing simultaneous pair.
         The targets were slightly going away so many got the lead wrong.
         Hardest stand of the day, many people got zero and no one straighted it.

Stand 5 - Hedgerow stand, 4 pairs: Overhead standard, following pair.
         Fairly easy overhead target.
         Joint easiest stand of the day and 12 people straighted it.

Stand 6 - Telegraph tower stand, 4 pairs: R-L quartering Chicken and Egg.
         Quartering mini was a little tricky, standard hung in the air for quite a while.
         Statistically the 2nd hardest stand of the day and only 1 person straighted this stand.

Stand 7 - End tower stand, 4 pairs: Simultaneous Pair, one incoming, one from behind both dropping in front of shooter.
         Not particularly hard, the question was only which way round the take them.
         Possibly back one first however the wind changed slightly throughout the shoot and perhaps altered this decision.
         Joint easiest stand of the day and 12 people straighted it.