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May result

The rain held off for a good shoot. An easier shoot was set this month and this was reflected in generally higher scores.

Highest score of the day was 46 and was shot by C. Wilkinson.

AA class winner C. Wilkinson 46
2nd A. Langdale 45
3rd D. Rouse 44
A class Winner R. Francis 44
2nd M. Johnson / D. Lyon 42
3rd R. Hart / B. Scotton 40
B Class Winner I. Hammond 41
2nd W. Daly 39
3rd M. Bennett 38
C Class Winner J. Mullins / A. Deacon-Jackson 36
2nd G. Harney / G. Chapman 35
3rd D. Jones 34

May shoot report

A few people mentioned that the April shoot was too hard so we tried to put on a shoot that was a little easier.
Whilst it is always hard to keep 100+ people of differing abilities happy, this was pretty much achieved today and the scores were generally higher through all the leagues.
Statistically the average for this shoot was 34.859, and it has been the easiest shoot so far this year.

Stand 1 - Normal location in the trees, 4 pairs: Teal with Blaze down the path on rapport.
         Teal was high and slow, pretty easy. Blaze down the path was low, but also fairly easy.
         This was the 2nd easiest stand of the day and 15 people straighted it.

Stand 2 - Lake, 3 pairs: R-L High crosser and L-R high quartering bird on rapport.
         Again a fairly straight forward pair - maybe we will try this as a sim pair in the future.
         Some high scores on this stand, and 10 people straighted it.

Stand 3 - Dingley Dell, 4 pairs: Driven simultaneous pair.
         A nice fast driven pair. Whilst fast, they were quite visible and so fairly easy to hit most.
         This was the easiest stand of the day and 21 people straighted it.

Stand 4 - Hedgerow stand, 4 pairs: R-L High quartering simultaneous pair.
         The simultaneous pair were split, although they hung in the air so lots of time.
         Third easiest stand and 13 people straighted this stand.

Stand 5 - Telegraph tower stand, 3 pairs: Far away L-R crossing pair.
         Far away crossing pair - just had to judge the lead.
         Caused a few problems for some, with lots of helpful "more lead" suggestions to be heard.
         Statistically the hardest stand of the day and 5 people straighted it.

Stand 6 - Woodcock trailer stand, 3 pairs: L-R crossing standard with quartering L-R standard on rapport.
         Fairly fast clays and through the trees can make it tricky
         Statistically the 2nd hardest stand of the day and 8 people straighted it.

Stand 7 - End tower stand, 4 pairs: Simultaneous pair from behind.
         Overhead sim pair dropping (and shot) in front of the shooter. Medium difficulty.
         11 people straighted this stand.