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February result

The farm was again wet underfoot, although not as bad as the recent shoots. The conditions allowed us to try to use the farm as normal, although some parts were still not accessible due to the mud.

Highest score of the day was 46 and was shot by two people: G. Newbury and C. Wilkinson

AA class winner C. Wilkinson 46
2nd I. Quarterman / S. Langdale 44
3rd C. Corfield / P. Stacey 43
A class Winner G. Newbury 46
2nd M Thompson 42
3rd R. Galbraith / R. Francis 41
B Class Winner P. Welfare 41
2nd J. Carter 40
3rd I. Hammond 39
C Class Winner D. Jones 36
2nd B. Newman 35
3rd A. Saunders / M. Magnavacca 34

February shoot report

The areas where we normally have stands 1 and 2 were not in use today, so we had a slightly different arrangement with stands 1 and 2 being next to the car park. Generally, an easier shoot today and some high scores. Statistically this was an easy shoot with an average of 34.282.

Stand 1 - Right hand car park, 4 pairs: Simultaneous incoming pair.
         Pretty straightforward incoming pair, slow and gentle.
         This was the easiest stand of the day by far (probably the season) and 29 people managed to straight it.

Stand 2 - Left hand car park, 3 pairs: R-L crossing Chondrel followed by standard going away on rapport.
         Fairly tricky combination, most people struggled to read the crossing chondrel.
         Only 5 people straighted this stand and it was the 2nd hardest of the day.

Stand 3 - Dingley Dell, 4 pairs: Simultaneous going away pair, one high, one low.
         With both targets going away from the shooter, shooters did not know which to take first.
         The first bird to be seen was not necessarily the best one to shoot first.
         This was the hardest stand of the day, and only 3 people straighted it.

Stand 4 - First stand up the far track, 4 pairs: Chicken and egg.
         Fairly high targets which caused some issues. The mini was also set so it flew further than normal.
         7 people straighted this stand.

Stand 5 - Telegraph tower stand, 3 pairs: Simultaneous L-R crossing pair.
         Fairly easy stand. Many pairs were shootable with just one cartridge as they came out close together.
         2nd easiest stand of the day and 24 people straighted it.

Stand 6 - Trailer in woods, 3 pairs: R-L quartering standard followed by L-R quartering standard on rapport.
         Quite a common arrangement for this stand, although both targets were fairly fast so were very missable.
         9 people straighted this stand.

Stand 7 - End tower, 4 pairs: Quartering Simultaneous pair going away.
         Pretty easy stand again with no real problems. Plenty of time on both targets and some high scores.
         21 people straighted this stand.