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October result

Weather was ok today. No rain, a bit overcast, very typical of October in the UK.
The number of people attending the shoots recently has been growing, causing queuing problems on the stands. Today we tried something different and instead of our regular layout, we had 7 stands, 3 with 3 pairs, 4 with 4 pairs. Of course the total was still 50 birds, but it meant that the stands were a little quicker to shoot and as a result queuing appeared to be significantly reduced.
This is probably the format that we will continue with for future shoots as it helps make them run a little smoother.

Highest score of the day was 45, shot by C. Wilkinson.

AA class winner I. Quarterman / D. Rouse 40
2nd S. Langdale 39
3rd J. Evans 38
A class Winner C. Wilkinson 45
2nd D. Lyon / L. Major 42
3rd M. Kempner / A. Langdale 39
B Class Winner S. Pain 38
2nd H. Wade 37
3rd M. Bennett / A. Wilson 36
C Class Winner I. Langdale 36
2nd P. Goodhew 35
3rd A. Loveall 31

October shoot report

So, with a different layout, the shoot felt quite different. On the stands with only 3 pairs, you had to make sure you read the target as there was no real time to come back from missed pairs. Again, we tried to strike a balance with some easy stands and some hard ones and this was pretty much achieved.
Statistically this has been the second hardest shoot of the year so far with an average of 31.579.

For those interested in the maths, this shoot had the lowest standard deviation so far this year, by a long way. That means all the scores were very close today, with no group of shooters particularly high or low.

Stand 1 - Teal followed by R-L curing crossing standard on rapport.
         Teal was straightforward, second target was new for this stand and was quite testy.
         This was the 3rd easiest stand of the day and 11 people straighted it.

Stand 2 - Incoming standard over the lake followed by fast crossing R-L standard on rapport.
         Shot from the left stand. Had to be quick on the quartering target before it went into the trees to the right.
         Incomer was easy, crossing target was fast, so had to be quick before it disappeared into the trees on the left.

         Surprisingly, this was the easiest standard of the day and 14 people straighted it.

Stand 3 - Overhead simultaneous pair going away.
         Fairly straightforward simultaneous, although not many were able to straight it.
         7 people straighted this stand.

Stand 4 - Incoming midi with R-L quartering standard on rapport.
         Again another straightforward stand, both targets were relatively straightforward.
         This was the 2nd easiest stand of the day and 12 people straighted it.

Stand 5 - Going away chicken and egg.
         Quite a tricky stand, the targets were thrown a little further than normal and many struggled to judge the lead.
         Only 2 people straighted this stand.

Stand 6 - R-L Quartering standard followed by standard going away on rapport.
         Both targets were fairly fast, but were clearly visisble in the sky and quiote gettable.
         This stand was definitely one of the hardest of the day and only 2 people straighted this stand.

Stand 7 - L-R high crossing simultaneous pair.
         Targets rose quickly and most people were shooting them over the right hand side of the stand..
         This was the hardest stand of the day but 1 person still managed to straight it.